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At Brave and Fortune Recording Studios our clients best interest will always come first, and everything we do will be guided by our values and professional ethics. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our clients needs precisely and completely. We are defined by the quality of our work and our commitment to every client. Being totally attentive to their needs, recognizing their vision, and feeling their passion, resulting in the best product possible.

We have an unlimited creative impulse and the ability to create collaboratively with nearly any artist. We can contribute to the artistry of our clients helping them connect the dots and tie their vision together one idea at a time. We can even (help) specifically design music to meet the requirements and specifications of the client while considering standard levels of professional rock, pop, hip hop and electronic music mixes.

Our collaborative people skills and artistic eyes enable us to satisfy the artistic vision of the client. We have the ability to see a final product even when the artist has an incomplete vision. We can take any theme or combination of themes the client wants to use and extrapolate a professional brand synonymous with the musics’ general feel and attitude. Our clients work with Brave And Fortune Studios because they trust our comprehension of their artistic needs and they also trust our skills and sense of style. This allows for powerful cooperation and enables us to guide them to a final product they will be proud to market.

One of Brave And Fortune biggest strengths is in artist development. We go beyond rapport to make an emotional connection with the artist that we’re working with to truly realize their vision and help them achieve their artistic and professional goals through personal entertainment career consultation and quality production. We help artists realize and fully visualize their creative intentions and then proceed to help them materialize their artistic ideas by guiding them through the various decisions that need to be made for their tastes and preferences to naturally develop their brand and artistry. We use examples from our own experience as an artist and content creator to relate and connect with the client no matter where they are on their road to stardom.

Recording Session:

$60.00 per Hour

Mix and Mastering:

$60.00 per Track

Contact: 971-269-7351